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With so many variations of fish names right now, it is not surprising that consumers these days get confused by what they are eating or what they are actually looking for. Our repeated explanation to many customers that what they know as "Snow Cod" or 鳕鱼 in Singapore is actually not a cod, but a Patagonian toothfish whose name got changed to Chilean Seabass and eventually Snow Cod in this part of the world is often met with a very confused or disbelieving stare. This confusion has spread even to businesses and we fish exporters have to resort to calling cod by its latin name to avoid getting the wrong type of fish!

While there are many types of cod in the cod family, the Atlantic Cod is the most popular one due to its unique taste. We will shine the spotlight on the Atlantic Cod (Latin name Gardus Morhua, Chinese name 大西洋鳕鱼) and address common questions about this fish today.

atlantic cod dishthefish

The Atlantic Cod is best recognised by the prints on its skin and extremely white flesh. 

atlantic cod dishthefish

Where is Atlantic Cod from?

Atlantic cod comes from the North Atlantic Ocean. As it is a very popular species in Europe and North America, main wild cod stocks are now strictly managed with the use of permits, catch quotas, gear restrictions, closed waters, seasons, by-catch limits and other measures. We sell wild Atlantic Cod at Dishthefish. 

Given that Atlantic Cod comes from cold waters, does that mean that its meat is oily like salmon?

Not all cold water fish store fats in their meat. Fish such as the Atlantic cod stores fats in its liver (hence its use to make cod liver oil); unlike fatty fish like salmon, which stores its fats in muscle tissue.

What are the health benefits of Atlantic Cod? 

Atlantic Cod is low in saturated fats while at the same time, is still a good source of omega-3. It is also high in Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6 and other essential minerals. 

How do I cook Atlantic Cod?

We sell our Atlantic Cod in fillet form, making it easy for you to steam or bake. Contrary to popular belief, this mild, sweet tasting fish goes very well with simple steaming! We believe that fish tastes best when steamed or baked without too much fuss as that is the best way to enjoy the freshness of the fish. Buy this fish online here.