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The fabric of family is woven by shared experiences and time spent together. Eating together as a family is more important now than even before because of the bombardment of constant distractions from technology today. Even when every one is together at home, we often drift to doing our own things. Sometime, the only opportunity of the day to talk with each other is at the dinner table. Eating family dinners together puts in a daily routine where every one spares a period of time being together. The main reason we favour convenience food is the perception that home-cooked meals take more time to put together. With the easy convenience of buying cooked food in Singapore, we will often decide that it is not worth the preparation and cleaning up time that is involved with home cooking. This can be the case if we do not have proper ingredients at home.

Frozen seafood (proper seafood, not fish fingers) is a great solution to preparing home-cooked meals quickly without compromising on the taste. In fact, most of the highest quality seafood available come frozen. By rapidly chilling seafood, then flash freezing and covering it with a thin glaze of protective ice, seafood quality is maintained. In fact, most sashimi eaten in the US were frozen before to destroy parasites and preserve it for storage.

Thawing food takes time too... so what happens if you cook your seafood like salmon fillets straight from the freezer? We tried it out ourselves, and baked a frozen salmon fillet topped with potatoes and cream of mushroom. The salmon came out great! In fact, it worked even better than cooking thawed fillets, keeping a nice, medium-rare centre. We discovered that there has been a growing popularity in cooking food when they are still in their frozen state to retain the juices. In fact, salmon and steak seems to be the two most popular foods to cook while still frozen. Well, if I can get great food out for the family so quickly and so easily, I am not gonna complain!