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3 steps to cutting your own sashimi at home! All you need is good, sashimi-grade fish, and a really sharp knife!

STEP 1 Position the fish Position the fish straight on the cutting board in front of you.

STEP 2 Position your knife Position your knife so that the knife is at perpendicular to the grain of the fish.

STEP 3 Angle your knife Angle the knife so the blunt edge is inclined sharply to the right, so that when you make a slice, the knife will cut at an angle down and to the left. It is advisable to use a sashimi knive if you have one as these knives are sharpened so that only one side holds the cutting edge and the other side remains flat. The flat edge is there so that food doesn’t stick to the knife.

Nigiri from Vid Nikolic on Vimeo.

How to cut Salmon Sashimi Dishthefish

CC Image courtesy of [puamelia] on Flickr