At Dishthefish, we believe strongly in the integrity of the products that we sell. We put in a lot of effort into verifying the claims of our suppliers so that we can ensure that you get real, quality, antibiotic free, hormone free, correctly-labelled seafood. Once a farm passes our quality standards and gets on our shelves, you can be assured that due diligence has been done.

Today, we took a boat ride out to St. John's Island to have a close look at how our sea bass are being farmed by our partners over at Temasek Life Sciences.

st. john's island singapore  

We saw them at ages as young as 3 days old under a microscope. Look at how tiny they are! This picture was taken through the lens of a microscope. We learned that the feed is controlled and developed by the team (all the way down to the algae and zooplankton eaten by the larvae), and this ensures the veracity of their claims, which is the production of farmed sea bass that is formalin free, hormone free and antibiotic free. 

sea bass larva dishthefish

Sea bass fingerlings at 3 months being fed. They're swimming in a tank of sea water.


We went through a harvest and performed iki jime on a couple of them. Iki Jime is a method of killing the fish by spiking the brain, reducing the stress levels and lactic acid buildup in the fish, leading to better flesh quality. Notice how the fish goes into a relaxed state after the spiking. 


Harvesting and ensuring fish are kept well in an ice slurry immediately is a very crucial step in ensuring the quality and freshness of the fish. That, and of course ensuring that the cold chain is not broken from farm to your kitchen is yet another step in ensuring quality. 

Taste our fish yourself to recognise the difference between us and the rest! If you'd like to try the St. John's sea bass, you may order it here .