In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), all of us are believed to have unique body constitutions. A neutral state, which refers to balanced vital energy (Qi) and properly functioning organs and body fluids, is optimal. According to TCM, the food that we consume can play an important role in cleansing and regulating imbalances in our body. Under TCM, food can be categorised into three categories: yin (cooking), yang (heaty) and neutral.

dishthefish tcm seafood

TCM food beliefs are pervasive in Asian food culture and are passed down through generations. Sometimes, we follow certain ways of eating food without realising that they are following the “yin-yang” principle. Having soy milk (yin) with fried you tiao (yang) is a typical example. Another commonly followed tradition is to balance durian (yang) with mangosteen (yin). We usually do not pay too much attention to these principles until health is of specific concern. For women, that usually happens in times of confinement and nursing. Certain events in our lives may also remind us to be more mindful over what we eat. For times like these, we have created our Dishthefish Wellness Bags in consultation and collaboration with ZTP, a reputable Singaporean TCM medical hall. These herbal soup packs are nourishing, safe, and easy on the taste palates. We have also paired them with specific seafood that will taste good and help to nourish the body. Fish is also more beneficial as a protein for lactating mums. 

Our first bag, the TCM Wellness (Recovery) bag is especially helpful for people recovering from surgery and this includes new mums undergoing early stages of confinement. This bag is also suitable for Individuals who lead stressful lifestyles or have irregular sleeping/ eating habits. 

Dishthefish The New Age Fishmonger Chinese TCM Herbs Fresh Fish Wild Caught Seafood Third Generation Fishmonger Recover Bag


Our second bag, the TCM Wellness (Revitalise) bag is especially helpful for individuals looking to replenish energy levels and boost their immune systems. This is also good for new mums at their later stages of confinement as the soups help to strengthen their physique and maintain body warmth.

Dishthefish The New Age Fishmonger Chinese TCM Herbs Fresh Fish Wild Caught Seafood Third Generation Fishmonger Revitalising Bag

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