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As the buzz from the Lunar New Year starts to wind down, we get time to sit down and reflect on where we are today. We started this blog to educate ourselves about seafood. Anything and everything related to seafood. There was no clear theme other than to answer the questions in our heads. But as we moved along, we got to see a clear overarching team. The culture of eating seafood. What is that person's story? Why does the fishmonger go to the port to snatch certain fishes before the crack of dawn? Why do we look to having fish porridge when we are sick in bed? Why do parents look high and low for threadfin for their little tots? Is it because of tradition? How did the bluefin tuna evolve from cat food to million-dollar fish over the years? What does it take to change the preferences of humans to protect a species of fish that is going extinct? These are all questions that we are still seeking answers to as we continue on with this blog.

Fastest Fingers Win! from dishthefish on Vimeo.


This is a video from the Jurong Fishery Port in Singapore where fish is bought from fish merchants the "Singapore" way. Before dawn, fish merchants and fishmongers gather at the Jurong Fishery Port. When a decent sized group of fishmongers are gathered in an area, fish merchants will pour out their freshest catch to be snatched up. Seems tough? We think so too. What does it take to change the style of selling in a port? How did the tuna auctions start in Tsukiji? How did the silent Dutch clock auction start in Sydney (http://www.sydneyfishmarket.com.au/seafood-trading/auction-system)? These are all questions that we hope to answer eventually. Challenge accepted.