wild caught parrot fish green wrasse 青衣 鹦哥鱼 fresh fish third generation fishmonger singapore dishthefish fresh seafood supplier singapore

Also known as Green Wrasse. Wild caught in Malaysia. Comes degutted and descaled. 

Mandarin Name: 青鹦哥 (Qīng yīng gē), 哨牙仔 (Shào yá zǐ), 青衣 (Qīngyī)
Local Malay Name: Ketarap Bintik Hitam
Hokkien Name: Eng Ghor Heh

Potential substitute: Snappers, Sea bass

** For all wild caught items, there is no guarantee of availability.

In the event that the product is not available, we will try our best to substitute it of equal value with the potential substitutes above.

If all options are unavailable, we will refund you for that item. 

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful fish

Received the fish frozen as recommended by Jeff. Defrosted in the fridge overnight and steam as usual. The dish was as fresh and perfect as it can be :D. It was actually my first time having such a big parrot fish. The texture was a bit tougher than I’d prefer. I’ll try a smaller size next time.