Dishthefish Children Bag - The New Age Fishmonger Fresh Fish Third Generation Fishmonger
Dishthefish Children Bag - The New Age Fishmonger Fresh Fish Third Generation Fishmonger Growing Child Bag Growing Child Bag Growing Child Bag

This is a Growing Child Bag. Children need to have a holistic diet with sufficient omega-3, protein and nutrients to ensure that they grow up healthy and well. We strongly encourage children to be fed a variety of seafood to ensure that they get as wide a spectrum of benefits as possible. 

Not only will we choose the best and most relevant seafood for your precious little ones, we will also cut them into suitable portions for them according to their age. These small portions are vacuumed packed with about 4-6 cubes with spaces in between to ensure that you can remove the cubes as needed when cooking. 

An estimation of the amount of fishes - $98 child pack will allow around 2 weeks of consumption for any child who is around 12 months old (feeding the child fish twice to thrice daily).

Bone Disclaimer: Every care has been taken to remove bones but some may remain. Please exercise caution when feeding your child.

** By selecting this option, you are giving Dishthefish the full autonomy to choose the best option for you. 




Customer Reviews

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Makes nutritional cooking easy for Little One (LO)

This pack comes with 4 different types of fish (i.e. Salmon, Threadfin, Snapper and Seabass). They're deboned, apportioned and vacuumed packed which cuts down preparation time significantly. Each pack would also indicate the product weight for your reference. Delivery also took place within the selected time slot.

Highly recommended for its convenience, fresh catch, surprise element and reliable service. Most importantly, my LO loves it!

Free freezer bag on first purchase!

Attentive staff

Staff is attentive to our request. Happy with the variety of fish given in the bag! This is our third time ordering. :)

Thanks so much, Faith! We hope that you and your family will continue to enjoy this bag. :)

Ordered the Children's Bag few months ago. Long overdue review. Was pleasantly surprised as I wasn't 100% sure about ordering fish online. But it was great! Pieces were sliced in a suitable size for my child and the portions were good. A good mix of fish. Highly recommended. In fact, I just made another order! Have also ordered their fresh whole fishes and the variety is good and fresh! Thanks and great job!

Thanks a lot for your kind words, they mean a lot to us! We sure hope you enjoy the next batch of fishes that you're getting in your upcoming delivery!
Recommended buy!

Love the varieties of fish cuts I got in my "growing child" bag.
They are all nicely fillet, portioned and vacuum packed.
Look forward to receive my next bag of "surprise".

more than pleasantly surprised!

this is my second order and more than glad I took the leap of faith for them to decide the fishes that went into my bag.. freshness is a given but the thoughtfulness in the selection and how the fishes were prepared (i.e deboned, fillet, vacuum packed into individual portions) far exceeds my expectations.. leaving the fish selection to the experts was even better cos they expose our family to the other fish types than what we'd usually buy (i.e parrot fish,etc..) the only thing you can do better is to have more fish cheeks in a fish! *just kidding!! my kids are officially fans of your fishes! once again thanks!!