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Wild caught from the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. You will get the bones along with the portion cuts. This comes to you fresh, air-flown from Canada. Wild salmon season runs only happen for a few months each year so please order quickly while stocks are available.

Sockeye salmon is sometimes known as red salmon due to the robust red colour of its flesh. This is one of the most popular breeds of wild salmon due to its rich flavour and firm texture. Read more about sockeye salmon here.


Customer Reviews

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So yummy the Wild Sockeye Salmon

Delicious, fresh and wild! So healthy and yummy. Waiting for the season so many months!

Faith Lip
Happy & Satisfied with my orders.

Liked the individual vacuum pack of the fish that make it easy to store & to take out the portions that you require. The sockeye salmon delivers a strong & rich flavour. The flesh of the sockeye salmon is thinner as compared to king salmon. Personally liked the sockeye salmon. Pan fried the sockeye salmon with a little bit of salt, pepper & cover it with melting cheese. It tasted so yummy. Have proceeded to place my 2nd order.

GH Sim
Very happy the Wild Sockeye Salmon

Like the wild Sockeye Salmon. It is very delicious. Had not eat such delicious salmon for many years.

Wild Fresh Whole Sockeye Salmon

Bought the whole fish without the head and was excited to try as I had previously tried frozen wild caught salmon and it was wonderful. This unfortunately was not as fresh and had a very strong fishy taste. We usually pan-fry with just salt and pepper however for this purchase we needed to marinate it with teriyaki sauce to mask the salmon taste. :(

Helen Lee
Sockedeye salmon

Feeling absolutely great this Sockedeye Salmon is available Chilled from Dishthefish.
I have been ordering wild caught Alaskan salmon (frozen) ever since tasted it during my trip to Alaska.
Since this arrived chilled, I simply pan seared it with a pinch of sea salt flakes.
So fresh & 😋
Will order again