( Empathy ) 

The essence of the Dishthefish's spirit.
Treating one another with love, kindness and respect.



Dishthefish The New Age Fishmonger Fresh Fish Third Generation Fishmonger 




We are on the lookout for enthusiastic people to join our crew at Dishthefish!



Job 1:  Fisher ( Fish Cutter ) 

Be the next frontier of this losing trade. Coupling technology with on the job training, you will be equipped with the necessary skills to master this soon to be gone trade.

Job Description

  1. Cut and pack seafood orders.
  1. Assist customers to find seafood that best meets their needs in a polite and hospitable manner.

Job Requirements

  1. Basic knife skills preferred
  2. Must be comfortable working with seafood
  3. Must be willing to adopt the Dishthefish way of working with seafood, with appropriate equipment and with proper adherence to hygiene
  4. Keep all assigned areas clean and sanitary
  5. Must be available to work varying shifts/hours based on business need, to include opening, mid-, and closing shifts; nights, weekends, and holidays 

      Dishthefish_CleaningFish-MechanicalDescaler.MOV from dishthefish on Vimeo.




      Job 2:  Fishingman ( Delivery Crew ) 

      Job Description

      1. Deliver all home deliveries and goods between shops.

      Job Requirements

      1. Provide excellent service to customers and maintain professionalism at all times
      2. Ensure that all orders are properly organized prior to leaving store.
      3. Respond to work requests from other departments, on an as-needed basis
      4. Maintain cleanliness of vehicle
      5. Ensure compliance with Singapore’s traffic rules
      6. 1+ year driving experience
      7. Valid Driver's License with Class 3/4 licence (class 2b will be a bonus), with a clean driving record 




      Job 3: Disher ( Service Crew ) 

      Job Description

      1. Provide excellent customer service while taking orders
      2. Assist in daily operations that ensure the smooth operation of the shop

      Job Requirements

      1. Must be willing to learn more about seafood
      2. Must be able to learn and effectively use Point of Sale systems
      3. Interact with customers by greeting and providing excellent service
      4. Must be comfortable working with seafood
      5. Able to work in a fast-paced environment
      6. Able to work on weekends and public holidays