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Fresh, sweet flavour

With paying the extra for these prawns - the taste was fresh and sweet and juicy. Amazing quickly fried in garlic butter with the shells on.


Fish is tender on the inside and crispy on the outside after baking. Nice!

Easy and fast! Fish is well packaged and fresh

Highly recon. Ended! I cooked for my family :) seasoned with ginger, miso, garlic and just steamed it and had it with soba!

Fresh fish

Hubby who likes eating fresh fish anytime gave this a thumbs-up :)

Unexpectedly nice!

The Husband and I were pleasantly surprised by the flavour of these sausages - lightly spiced and not too salty. We would consider ordering this again.

Worth a try!

No regrets ordering this. The Husband and I agree that we like how the sausages don't taste like fish at all and are not too salty.

Plus and minus

Two pieces, one stinky one ok. One is pinkish one is more like brownish. After washing with salt it stinks less. After cooking, one is more pink. Taste also differs in terms of freshness. Less oily than market purchase which is correct for wild variety. Uncertain to risk buying again.

Good when you need a quick protein

Easy to defrost to add into seafood soup. Purely squid, no additive. Add into fried rice or porridge. Great.

Easy to use

Just like those flat fish they add into fish soup, this is in powder form so it's easy to use and add into other dishes as marinate.

Tasty and Fresh

The yellow tail fish was tasty and fresh which I used to make yummy fish balls.

Fresh !

First time ordering from dish the fish (recommended by my sis - is it too late for you all to give her the referral $ 😬? she didn’t share referral code earlier ). Very fresh, extremely happy after steaming it

Fresh, Easy, Tasty

The fish was very fresh, I cooked it on the same day. Love the curry paste that came in the set.

Not fresh ....a bit smelly

Hamachi collar

Best Buy! Fresh and tasty! Will buy again.

A new family favourite

The texture of this cut was so incredibly smooth yet firm, and was much loved by my children! It was a huge piece of fish but we managed to finish it in 2 meals. Gorgeous fish.

Fresh oyster

Very fresh n plump oyster. No foul smell... i love it.

Really fresh and juicy!

Was surprised by the quality of the clams. Really juicy, and yummy! Thanks!

Saltiness is just right

Excellent for steaming eggs with

Freshly delivered good size juicy snapper steaks

Ordered for the first time and have recommended to my friends
The snapper steaks were the same size as you find in any wet market it was very fresh ,fleshy and juicy - worth the price
I will buy for the second time and post my comments once again

Not fresh

Even though the fish was fried, there was still a slight fishy smell that hits at the first bite

wonderful, will order again!

Ordered 1.5kg fish head, chopped up - delivered promptly, and the fish was so fresh and delicious! thanks, Jeffrey and team for always delivering such quality fishes!