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Blue Mussels - 1kg
Andrew Brown
Great Quality / Quantity for the Price

Excellent product, will be back

Korean Oyster

It's super good! I cooked Teow Chew Style Oyster porridge with the oysters.

tender and succulent!

This is my first time buying from here and after trying wild cod, I think it will be hard to go back to farmed ones. In terms of texture, the meat is just much more tender and filled with the fish's good fats. Of course the nutrients are also better.

Charcoal Fish Otah Pocket Bun

Bun is soft and easy to eat, otah flavour is just right!

Happy & Satisfied with my orders.

Liked the individual vacuum pack of the fish that make it easy to store & to take out the portions that you require. The sockeye salmon delivers a strong & rich flavour. The flesh of the sockeye salmon is thinner as compared to king salmon. Personally liked the sockeye salmon. Pan fried the sockeye salmon with a little bit of salt, pepper & cover it with melting cheese. It tasted so yummy. Have proceeded to place my 2nd order.

Will buy again

Very fresh and juicy, even my mom in law gave her approval!! Will definitely buy again.

Amazing taste! Flavorful and fresh!

Couldn’t believe how tasty this fresh wild king salmon was. My whole family loved it. I also fed it to my baby as I wanted the freshest and highest quality fish for her. I felt better knowing it was wild caught. My baby liked it too. There is a notable price difference between this and the farmed salmon from supermarkets, but the taste and quality MORE than makes up for it.

Lovely and juicy

It is lovely and juicy. Full of goodness from the nutrients

Very happy the Wild Sockeye Salmon

Like the wild Sockeye Salmon. It is very delicious. Had not eat such delicious salmon for many years.

Wild Caught Cod fish

Very fresh wild caught Cod fish (chilean sea bass)

Fresh, big, juicy & yummy!


We were sick of supermarket con job scallop that start in XL and shrivel into the size of a 10 cent coin. So gave this a go and never looked back. Fresh enough to eat as sashimi upon defrosting & didn't shrink in pan when cooking. 100/100!!!


Baked this salmon like any others I buy and some parts of the fillet were extremely dry that we couldn't eat it.

Beautiful delicate tasty fish

Highly recommend

Nice fish

Really happy with the fish. Very fresh and firm fleshed

Fish was fresh

Made fish paste for the first time and tasted ok, not fishy.

Fantastic size and taste and totally worth the money.

Great taste and freshness.

Thoroughly enjoyable!

The oysters were as promised, huge and juicy. My guests loved them!

Yong Tau Foo - Home Made!!!

I love the fish meat was 100% fish, no salt, no MSG. Used it to make yong tau foo.

The best part is that the fish head and bones was packaged separately.

So yummy and easy to cook

fresh and huge

bought it for my dad and he really loved it. my friends also asked me where i got it cos it was very fresh and the size was true to the picture

Wild Big Red Grouper
Jade Feinberg
Beautiful fish delivered with a smile!

I’m never disappointed! Beautiful fish with incredibly helpful staff. Will continue to order from this great company!

Fantastically Good!

Seriously I do not know much about fish. Thus I will trust that Dish the Fish will give me what is best for their clients. And I made the right choice. The fish is so fresh and taste great. Will definitely repeat my order again.


Taste like those from top Jap restaurants

Strong fishy taste

All the meat was frozen and stocked together. Strong fishy taste after steaming or pan fried.