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Curry Fish Head

The snapper fish head is fresh and the curry sauce is really good. Do you sell the curry sauce separately? Or perhaps packaged it with the fish tail?

Good baby food

The mercury content in sardines is one of the lowest, making it an ideal fish for babies. I puree the fish. My baby likes it a lot. Thank you Dish The Fish for selling wild sardines. Hope it will be back in stock soon.

Good service with fresh product

My 2nd time buying this. fresh and good.
Competitive pricing with good delivery service.

Good and competitive service

my son loves the taste of this ocean wild salmon..i would love to order in future since I do not mind to pay for the convenience with good service.

Yellow tails fish

My mother-in-law makes fish balls from yellow tails fish. Hard to find yellow tails in wet market so I ordered online. Fish were very fresh, my in-law was very pleased. And we had yummy home made fish balls.

Awesome service

Bought some cos fish and thread fins, the fish is very fresh and their customer delivery service is top notch!
Will definitely buy from them again!

Didn’t realize it’s not descaled

The salmon fillets were received frozen and packed, which was great. However, after decorating, I realize it’s not descaled! It’ll be great if you could have stated it wasn’t descaled, or perhaps offered a service to descale it for customers.
The taste of the salmon was stronger than the farmer ones, not to my liking (maybe personal preferences), but my kids ate them up. I found the texture to be harder than the fresh farmed ones I got from the market as well, not sure if it’s because it was frozen or was it the type of salmon.

Great service & delicious fish

I was very happy with the service I received from Doris and the team at dishthefish. The fish was delicious & fresh.

From now on I will be using dishthefish as my go to for fresh fish in Singapore

Fresh Fish at Reasonable Price with Good Service

Been getting fish for my boy from Dish the Fish ever since I discovered them at Tiong Bahru Market half a year ago. Order was processed according to my instructions, as usual. Delivery was according to the time slot selected. I totally recommend Dish the Fish to anyone who wants to get healthy and fresh wild caught fishes for their loved ones. Do check out their otah and fish stock too!

great pomfret! tried the 400g one, going to steam up the larger one soon.

Very fresh and tasty

Steamed it with ginger . Fish was very fresh, no bad smell

Bland & fishy

Disappointed with the one. The fish taste pretty bland and has a fishy smell, unlike other salmon/trout I have previously ordered.

Ok tuna

Ok, not the freshest tuna, but not bad.

Nice tasting salmon

Tastes of the ocean, not muddy.

Fish is fresh

The fish is fresh but maybe a bit too small when chopped into steak cuts.

Really sweet scallops

Sweet and succulent. My toddler tried them for the first time and devoured them down

The Rockfish was tough to eat when fried

All is good

Except that the fillets are packed into one bag only instead of individual packs which proves to be troublesome as we can’t finish 2 fillets at the same time. Other than this the fish looks fresh and I’m looking forward to have a hearty meal

Fresh and delicious

The cod steak is fresh and delicious. I have bought several times.

Very fresh

Very fresh, well sliced, was great in fish soup

Fresh and sweet

Wrapped in banana leaf with sambal chilli and put in the airfryer for 15mins 200c. Delicious and cheap. Taste better than those sold in shops and so much cheaper too. Ownself make is best.

Fish paste and bones!

Great; easy to make fish balls and they even provide the fish bones which are great for making fish soup

Perfect for children

For a person who knows nothing about fish, this bag is great. They do pack fish that is nutritional to kids. ( I verified with other people and they agreed it was perfect for kids). All sealed pack in appropriate sizes, deboned and fresh. I also like the different sizes of bag so I can choose when I need more or less. Deliveries are always on time. Recommend for busy parents who just don't have the time to go to the market to purchase and prep.

Emailing to them gets you fast response and very personalised replies. I emailed them to ask when I have no idea how to eat or cook the items. Sometimes the bag contains really special stuff that I don't usually see. This is quite nice as it expands our menu.

The only feedback I would give is that giving us some recipes or ideas on how to cook for the fish given would really increase their wow factor.

Canton steam recipe pack

It came only with the sauce. No other condiments like spring onion etc. It is quite bland.

Fresh fish from Dish the Fish

Too lazy to do it on my own so ordered pomfret with ingredients for steamed fish Teochew style. Fish was super fresh! Sauce was good! Wish there are some cooking instructions though. Will definitely order again!