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Fresh. Really good! Individually packed and clean.

Cod fish 2.5kg

Each piece came vacuum sealed which is very ideal. It will be good to indicate an estimate of the number of pieces to expect for a 2.5kg and 3.5kg fish. Was expecting to get all the fish bones, including the head but only got the fish body bones.

Love it!

Very fresh! Super tasty especially when steamed just right!

Our favorite hamachi collar

Super fresh! I like to season the collar with some mirin, sea salt, pepper and garlic powder. Put it in the air fryer at 180C for 10 - 12 mins. The result is crispy skin and juicy flesh.

Clean and fresh

I've been ordering these clams repeatedly. Conveniently packed and cleaned, it saves me so much preparation time. The taste is fresh and sand-free. Just soak the whole bag in water and they will defrost in no time. I used them for pasta vongole and miso clam soup.

Will buy again

Bought a fillet to try. Very nice. Have just ordered a whole fish.

Wonderful to feed toddlers

Second time I ordered a whole fish to primarily feed my toddler son. Ordered it cut fillet style. The fish remains fresh after 2 months in the freezer.


Very convenient - various type of fish with small pieces each. I enjoyed the taste too.

Oven baked - simply yummy

No cooking instructions
Oven baked it
It was really good

Ready to cook steam fish

Ingredients were promising;
BUT you have to “butterfly” the promfret :(
And it takes more than 10mins to cook (even after “butterfly”)
Cooking time was 15mins;
The cooked fish meat revealed it was a little “...hmmm... not so fresh... ‘frozen and thawed’ type...” maybe due to CNY period

These fish were easy to cook;
Fresh and hence delicious

Very tasty Wild Cod

Tasted good and fresh.


Big size prawns are fresh except one is not.

Impressive and delicious dish!

The seafood pot was easy to prepare. Ingredients were fresh and of high quality. The fish stock was delicious. Making such an impressive dish for our CNY party! We will definitely get it again next year!

Frozen clams

Lovely with white wine sauce. Son requested for me to get it again.

Not very fresh

Big size but not very fresh maybe due to CNY


Will order again for cny next year

not bad

Curry Fish Head

The snapper fish head is fresh and the curry sauce is really good. Do you sell the curry sauce separately? Or perhaps packaged it with the fish tail?

Good baby food

The mercury content in sardines is one of the lowest, making it an ideal fish for babies. I puree the fish. My baby likes it a lot. Thank you Dish The Fish for selling wild sardines. Hope it will be back in stock soon.

Good service with fresh product

My 2nd time buying this. fresh and good.
Competitive pricing with good delivery service.

Good and competitive service

my son loves the taste of this ocean wild salmon..i would love to order in future since I do not mind to pay for the convenience with good service.

Yellow tails fish

My mother-in-law makes fish balls from yellow tails fish. Hard to find yellow tails in wet market so I ordered online. Fish were very fresh, my in-law was very pleased. And we had yummy home made fish balls.

Awesome service

Bought some cos fish and thread fins, the fish is very fresh and their customer delivery service is top notch!
Will definitely buy from them again!

Didn’t realize it’s not descaled

The salmon fillets were received frozen and packed, which was great. However, after decorating, I realize it’s not descaled! It’ll be great if you could have stated it wasn’t descaled, or perhaps offered a service to descale it for customers.
The taste of the salmon was stronger than the farmer ones, not to my liking (maybe personal preferences), but my kids ate them up. I found the texture to be harder than the fresh farmed ones I got from the market as well, not sure if it’s because it was frozen or was it the type of salmon.