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Lobster tails

Good size and quality. Delivered on time and nicely packed

Fresh and nicely packed.

Bought a whole fillet for christmas dinner and it roasted beautifully just seasoned with lemon and butter. Guests were happy as it was delicious.

Very tasty

I used it for crab cakes, and they were delicious

Great texture and taste

If I hadn’t known it was frozen, I would never have guessed!

Didn't shrink much after cooking

👍 so scallops look much bigger before cooking and shrink a lot after. this did not. it is clean and firm. tasted good too.

Easier to process without head

there is still a need to butterfly and clean a little but overall. Tidy and fresh. tasted yummy 👍


The lobsters were succulent and delightful to eat. They were just splendid. Thank you.

Chinese pomfret

Very fresh and nice. Will order again

Versatile ingredient

Bought this several times, am surprised there's no use of MSG as the taste is quite seasoned. Good for noodle soup and hotpot.

Pie night

Bought this for the pie night as the rest of the family was having meat pies whilst I'm a pescetarian. Lots of carrot in the pie which was good, typical pie taste, could not taste the salmon really but I'm glad I tried. Price on the high side for one pie.

Great Stuff

The fussy emperor loved it.

Wild Whitebait

Still in the freezer. I have not cooked them yet.

Thread fin

The fish is fresh and the child cut size is just right.


Should not give near fish head .. give me body , a lot bones . Don’t like it

Fresh. Clean. Conveniences

Received in excellent condition. There are total of 5 pieces, i suppose each will be around 280-300gm.

Muar Fish Otah
Vivian Tan
Muar fish otar

Really good! Authentic! Yummy!


Fresh and huge oysters!


First time ordering the growing child bag. Good variety of fish and portioned well.

Fresh & Good

Substantial in size and very very good

Delicious oysters

No regrets buying this. This is good!

Hit and Miss

My first order 3 weeks ago was good. I ordered 2 more boxes last week and the quality was not good. Prawns were not fresh, shells were soft.

Orh jian was oishi!

Best in Singapore and JB, some say Batam. Woot woot.

Highly Recommend but not for babies

Great subtle taste, really fresh and not at all like the European mackerel. Lovely texture too, cooks up very soft and flakes in large pieces. However I ordered the fish filleted and there were quite a lot of bones, it's ok for me but I definitely would not recommend to serve to toddlers or babies because of this.

👍Lobster tails

yummy n easy to work with