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Fresh and sweet

Wrapped in banana leaf with sambal chilli and put in the airfryer for 15mins 200c. Delicious and cheap. Taste better than those sold in shops and so much cheaper too. Ownself make is best.

Fish paste and bones!

Great; easy to make fish balls and they even provide the fish bones which are great for making fish soup

Perfect for children

For a person who knows nothing about fish, this bag is great. They do pack fish that is nutritional to kids. ( I verified with other people and they agreed it was perfect for kids). All sealed pack in appropriate sizes, deboned and fresh. I also like the different sizes of bag so I can choose when I need more or less. Deliveries are always on time. Recommend for busy parents who just don't have the time to go to the market to purchase and prep.

Emailing to them gets you fast response and very personalised replies. I emailed them to ask when I have no idea how to eat or cook the items. Sometimes the bag contains really special stuff that I don't usually see. This is quite nice as it expands our menu.

The only feedback I would give is that giving us some recipes or ideas on how to cook for the fish given would really increase their wow factor.

Canton steam recipe pack

It came only with the sauce. No other condiments like spring onion etc. It is quite bland.

Fresh fish from Dish the Fish

Too lazy to do it on my own so ordered pomfret with ingredients for steamed fish Teochew style. Fish was super fresh! Sauce was good! Wish there are some cooking instructions though. Will definitely order again!


Fish is fresh, well clean and gutted. However, I expected a mixture of seafood instead of all fish.

Very satisfied!

Bought this in fillet and sliced it to make breaded fish fingers with my air fryer. The fish fingers turned out quite perfect, flaky, moist and tender! Very satisfied with my purchase!

Amazingly fresh!

We steamed the fish, Cantonese style, and it was so delightful because the fish was very fresh! So glad to have given this a try and certainly will be making my next purchase!

Leather Jacket Fish

The leather jacket fish we bought were cleanly vacuum packed, reasonably priced, and fresh. Their Tiong Bahru Store was clean and service was good. They carry a good variety of fish and other seafood, definitely worth visiting!

Wild King Salmon Fillet (about 200g) *Rare, limited time only!*
Tasty and fresh

Would definitely order this again! Very different from store bought salmon and one of the family favorites.


My family loves this! Only wish the delivery packaging was better. Had ordered some salmon fillets too and It was all packed into 1 bag.

big fish, fresh and child cut is very good and easy to prepare for cooking for my child. Highly recommended for busy parents to order fish from here :) One of the better ones with reasonable pricing

Spanish Mackerel

Satisfied with the taste. It is soft, flaky and moist. Price wise is quite pricey.

Repeat Order

Good and big slices.

My go-to order for wild salmon

We've switched to eating wild salmon for a while now and ever since, I've been ordering this wild sockeye salmon from here. My family loves it and even though the flesh is leaner than farmed salmon, the taste is still as great and we feel safer consuming this rather than farmed salmon.

Fresh and yummy

the paste is fresh, love the texture when is roll into prawn ball, good for hotpot too as it hold it shape.

Very fresh!

Although pricey, this threadfin was very fresh and good! The child cut option made it easy for me to defrost 2 portions to cook for my child. He finished the yummy threadfin porridge very quickly! :) will buy again

Very fresh and good!

This cod cooks well and is very fresh and sweet. Do note there were quite a lot of bones in this steak cut so need to be careful when feeding children.

Fantastic. Super fresh

This was fabulous. Super fresh and meaty. Very value for money. We just ate something similar at a restaurant for $60, but this tasted the same as restaurant quality for $20

Fresh and delicious

Superb! My family really enjoyed this steamed with ginger. Will buy again for sure

Not fresh

Not very fresh. The cod steaks and red snapper tail I bought in same order were much fresher. Will be reluctant to buy whole fish again since it seems like whole fish is less fresh


Very fresh. I used this both to steam teochew style and to cook curry fish head. Tasted delicious both ways

Not well cleaned and not very fresh

I loved the ang kar prawns I bought from dishthefish previously so wanted to try this paste out to make prawn balls. However the paste did not taste fresh (strong fishy smell and taste), and the innards were not cleaned, so it was mixed into the paste. The “paste” was actually also just roughly chopped up pieces of prawn, which was ok with me since I didn’t want a fine paste, but something to note if you want something finely minced. Will not buy this again but will buy prawns to make my own prawn balls instead.

Wild Fresh Head-off Sockeye Salmon (about 1.8kg) *Limited time only!*
Very good quality

Very fresh and good wild salmon

Not entirely deboned.

My salmon was not entirely deboned, found about 10 long bones in the fillet. Otherwise, fish was fresh and tasty.