Wild Threadfin/ Ikan Kurau Steak / Fillet / Child Cut / Fish Slices (about 250g)
Wild Threadfin/ Ikan Kurau Steak / Fillet / Child Cut / Fish Slices (about 250g) Wild Threadfin/ Ikan Kurau Steak / Fillet / Child Cut / Fish Slices (about 250g) Dishthefish The New Age Fishmonger Fresh Fish Third Generation Fishmonger We Can Cut Your Fish Customize
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Wild caught in Tanjung Balai.

For steaks or fillets: Please note that due to variances in sizes of the fish, we may sometimes give more than the number of steaks or fillets ordered to hit the weight ordered. 

Mandarin Name: 午鱼 (wǔyu)
Local Malay Name: Ikan Kurau
Local Hokkien: Ngor He


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Very fresh and tasty

Steamed it with ginger . Fish was very fresh, no bad smell

Very fresh!

Although pricey, this threadfin was very fresh and good! The child cut option made it easy for me to defrost 2 portions to cook for my child. He finished the yummy threadfin porridge very quickly! :) will buy again

Would definitely be back for more!

Fresh and not like those store bought at the supermarkets. Portioned the fish into smaller packs for the kids. Worth the buy!

Fresh and convenient

Fish was fresh. I liked how there is an option for “child cut”. 5 packs last me for about 2 weeks. My first two orders came in cooler bags. When the third order did not, I left a feedback and they were prompt to reply and clarify. I’ve been ordering from them for a few months now. Have not found any bones so far when the fish is cooked for my kids. A convenient option for working parents.

Fraudulent misrepresentation

I have been placing order of 8 pieces of 250g steak cut wold threadfin every other week since April 2019.

Always happy with my purchase and decided to increase my order to 17 pieces . Grossly disappointed not just with my recent order but disgusted with owner reply .

My feedback as follows :

1. This is not the first time I ordered from your website.

2. I did not order a whole fish.

3. I specifically selected An option of a specific steak cut of 250g per piece. A small variance is acceptable . However a huge variance is misleading.

4. This is a specific steak cut option of 250g wild threadfin I ordered, not whole fish.

5. Hence it should be individually cut and “controlled by human”, not “wild catch”

6. Previous order is always for 8 pieces of 250g per piece has been fairly consistent. I am happy with my previous order .

7. Due to past good experience , i specifically ordered steak cut size of 250g x 17 pieces in this order .

8. A small variance is acceptable. However a variance of > 50% is unacceptable . As illustrated by this pic.


9. This is not professional way of operating your fish biz. This is a case of fraudulent misrepresentation.

On 8 Jul 2019, at 9:13 PM, catchus@dishthefish.com.sg wrote:

Hello Gina

Thanks for writing to us and sorry to cause this misunderstanding. We have verified with the staff on duty that day and we gave a total of 4.35kg of threadfin with equivalent of roughly 23pcs of threadfin steaks for your order. (4.25kg - 17 pieces of threadfin steaks). As these are wild caught fishes, sometimes it is hard to keep to the actual size. Nonetheless, we usually will give more than what is being ordered.

I hope this clarifies and sorry for causing any inconvenience.

Best regards