Every once in a while, we like to have a beer night out... with our seafood! Seafood goes naturally well with beer because of the different layers of sweet, salty and bitter playing on the tongue. Out of all the seafood out there, we chose our favourite five here!

1. Tako (i.e. octopus)

Dishthefish Tako Sashimi


We love how the fizziness of an ice cold beer brings out the chewiness of the tako!

2. Amaebi (i.e. sweet prawns)

Dishthefish Amaebi Beer

There's something mind-numbing about peeling these prawns and downing beer at the same time...

3. Mussels

Dishthefish Mussel

There must be a reason why Belgium is famous for both its mussels and its beer! Alternatively, beer is also good for steaming mussels in too.

4. Oysters

Dishthefish Oyster

Choose a beer that brings out the taste of the sea in oysters! Get more tips from a cicerone here.

5. Crab

Same reason why we love beer with amaebi, we really enjoy cracking these steamed crabs with our jugs of beer. We love our crabs steamed as this method brings out the natural sweetness best!

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Fresh and sweet

Wrapped in banana leaf with sambal chilli and put in the airfryer for 15mins 200c. Delicious and cheap. Taste better than those sold in shops and so much cheaper too. Ownself make is best.

Fish paste and bones!

Great; easy to make fish balls and they even provide the fish bones which are great for making fish soup

Perfect for children

For a person who knows nothing about fish, this bag is great. They do pack fish that is nutritional to kids. ( I verified with other people and they agreed it was perfect for kids). All sealed pack in appropriate sizes, deboned and fresh. I also like the different sizes of bag so I can choose when I need more or less. Deliveries are always on time. Recommend for busy parents who just don't have the time to go to the market to purchase and prep.

Emailing to them gets you fast response and very personalised replies. I emailed them to ask when I have no idea how to eat or cook the items. Sometimes the bag contains really special stuff that I don't usually see. This is quite nice as it expands our menu.

The only feedback I would give is that giving us some recipes or ideas on how to cook for the fish given would really increase their wow factor.

Canton steam recipe pack

It came only with the sauce. No other condiments like spring onion etc. It is quite bland.

Fresh fish from Dish the Fish

Too lazy to do it on my own so ordered pomfret with ingredients for steamed fish Teochew style. Fish was super fresh! Sauce was good! Wish there are some cooking instructions though. Will definitely order again!