This looks like two different types of fishes, but in actual fact, they are both sea bass. The key difference is that one is wild and one is fresh. We have read so many articles comparing the differences between farmed and wild fishes, and we cannot objectively conclude which is better. Here are just some of our thoughts summarising the myriad of views out there on the net.

Is there a higher risk in eating farmed fish? In both wild and farmed fishes, we are faced with a multitude of unknowns. In farmed fishes, there's always a risk of extra hormones, pesticides and artificial dyes. However, as fish farms usually have more control over the purity of the water, farmed fishes may have a lower level of pollutants. In wild fishes, on the other hand, there is a higher risk of mercury and other contiminants.

Which tastes better? There are also arguments on taste as it is generally concluded that fishes from the wild taste more like the ocean while fishes that are farmed taste more artificial. Again, response on this is mixed as well. To be honest, even after tasting so many fishes, we can’t tell the difference in taste between farmed vs. wild fish too.

So what should we eat? It is always wise to stick to the principle of having everything in moderation in our diets. Be open to new seafood. If you decide that wild fish is the way to go, try out fishes that are in season. The best part about going to a fishmonger is that you can ask for seafood that is in season –- it’s better for healthy fish stocks and can be much cheaper for you to buy!

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Fresh. Really good! Individually packed and clean.

Cod fish 2.5kg

Each piece came vacuum sealed which is very ideal. It will be good to indicate an estimate of the number of pieces to expect for a 2.5kg and 3.5kg fish. Was expecting to get all the fish bones, including the head but only got the fish body bones.

Love it!

Very fresh! Super tasty especially when steamed just right!

Our favorite hamachi collar

Super fresh! I like to season the collar with some mirin, sea salt, pepper and garlic powder. Put it in the air fryer at 180C for 10 - 12 mins. The result is crispy skin and juicy flesh.

Clean and fresh

I've been ordering these clams repeatedly. Conveniently packed and cleaned, it saves me so much preparation time. The taste is fresh and sand-free. Just soak the whole bag in water and they will defrost in no time. I used them for pasta vongole and miso clam soup.