Delivery Policy



Delivery time slots

Delivery time slots are from Monday to Saturday, 12-7pm. 

We aim to deliver within the chosen delivery time slot. Unfortunately, while we try our best to mitigate all incidents, many things on the road are out of our control. We will try our best to ensure proper communication with our customers in incidents where your delivery may arrive earlier or later than expected. 

Availability of seafood

Due to the nature of fresh seafood, there are days when certain seafood might not be available. We will contact you to suggest a substitution, refund, or a change in delivery date in such cases. 



If you have any dispute regarding the freshness of the produce, it will have to be raised within 24 hours with photo evidence. Disputes will be handled on a case-by-case basis. 

Bones in Fish

Our fillets and child cuts are processed by our fish cutting experts to ensure that there are minimal bones. Nonetheless, there may still be fine bones within the fillets which may not be detected during the cutting process. 

While we try our best to facilitate and ease the role of a caregiver with our cutting options and packing, we are not able to replace the role of a caregiver. We advise all caregivers to proceed with caution while feeding their little ones. We are not liable for the presence of bones found in your fish. Dishthefish will not be providing any refund for such instances. 

Fish and portion sizes

All fishes are processed by our fish cutting experts to ensure the highest quality standards. We always try to provide a product that is as close to what was stated on the product page. Nonetheless, as processing is done by humans, there may be variances in weight from what was stated. Please also note that due to variances in sizes of the fish, we may sometimes have to give the fish and portions according to the rough weight ordered instead of the specific number of items ordered. Dishthefish will not be providing any refund for any complaints with regards to any disputes of such incident.


We have strict standards in place to ensure that quality and consistency is maintained. Due to food hygiene and the perishable nature of seafood, we will not be accepting any returns in exchange for refunds.


Cancellation has to be made at least 1 working day before delivery date. In the event of a late cancellation, 50% of the total value will be charged. Cancellation will not be allowed after the item has been dispatched and/or delivered.