Nothing ordinary gets to be called king —a king has to be bigger and better than others, and the King salmon is no exception to this. The King salmon is known to be the biggest and fattest among all salmon. It lives in colder, deeper waters than other salmon. It is also known to travel the longest, coldest and toughest journey back upstream from the ocean to spawn. The wild King salmon is a strong, one-of-a-kind fish.

What is the key nutritional difference between the king salmon and other breeds?

Compared to other salmon and seafood species, the King salmon has some of the highest levels of omega-3 per serving. Salmon that spend more time in colder waters and undertake longer migrations up their birth rivers to spawn will have to accumulate more fat to store as energy to survive the journey. Generally, the longer, colder and faster-moving the river, the better the quality of the salmon. Our king salmon comes from the Skeena River, the second-longest river in British Columbia, Canada.

Nutritionally, the king salmon is a rich source of high-quality protein and contains vitamins A, B12 and D, as well as niacin and thiamine.  

Why can't I get my wild king salmon all year round?

To ensure the sustainability of wild salmon stocks, fisheries are open only in certain weeks and the amount of allowed to be caught is determined from month to month.

What is the difference between the red King Salmon and the ivory King Salmon? 

Salmon appear red due to the carotene (from shrimp, krill, etc.) in their diet. However, due to genetics, the ivory King possesses an enzyme that processes this carotene. Nutritionally, they're the same but taste-wise, the ivory King tends to be more buttery than the red Kings. Because of this, chefs are willing to pay a premium for this fish. The ivory King is also rare, with only about 1 in 20 Kings coming in as ivory. 

What are the best ways to prepare my King Salmon?

King salmon's high fat content makes it very versatile and is great when baked or grilled. We especially love having salmon with a tangy accompaniment like lemon or salsa. Check out our King Salmon with Salsa recipe here

What's so special about the King Salmon sold at Dishthefish?

We work very closely with our counterpart in Vancouver, British Columbia to ensure that the highest standards of sustainability and freshness are upheld. By flying our fish in regularly from Vancouver, we ensure that households like you get the same top quality fish as what we provide to premium restaurants. Get your king salmon from us here! 

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