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Sustainably wild-caught from British Columbia, Canada. King salmon, also known as Chinook Salmon, is the most prized wild salmon breed and for good reason. Read more about the king salmon here.


Comes fresh chilled as the wild king salmon season is ongoing. 

What is the difference between the red King Salmon and the ivory King Salmon (Refer to the fillet pictures for the comparison between King and Ivory King Salmon)? 

Salmon appear red due to the carotene (from shrimp, krill, etc.) in their diet. However, due to genetics, the ivory King possesses an enzyme that processes this carotene. Nutritionally, they're the same but taste-wise, the ivory King tends to be more buttery than the red Kings. Because of this, chefs are willing to pay a premium for this fish. The ivory King is also rare, with only about 1 in 20 Kings coming in as ivory. 

Please note that wild Pacific salmon has a stronger taste and smell than the common farmed Atlantic salmon that you may be used to.

Bone Disclaimer: While care has been taken to remove bones, some may remain. Please exercise caution when feeding your child. 


Customer Reviews

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Goh Eng
Wild King Salmon

First time tried wild fresh king salmon. Like the texture, it's not dry unlike the frozen ones.
And it's more tasty.

Wai Ping Hong
Bouhht 1kg Chinook Salmon from Canada was very fresh and meat extremely tender. tender

👍wild caught king salmon, Chinook my best for this season. Very fresh and tender with natural flavor. Really love and enjoyed.

Jenny T.
Amazing taste! Flavorful and fresh!

Couldn’t believe how tasty this fresh wild king salmon was. My whole family loved it. I also fed it to my baby as I wanted the freshest and highest quality fish for her. I felt better knowing it was wild caught. My baby liked it too. There is a notable price difference between this and the farmed salmon from supermarkets, but the taste and quality MORE than makes up for it.

Andrea Po
Lovely and juicy

It is lovely and juicy. Full of goodness from the nutrients