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MSG and Salt-free Pure Fish Bone Broth (2 packs)

MSG and Salt-free Pure Fish Bone Broth (2 packs)

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Ingredients: fish bones (threadfin, snappers, cod and etc), herbs (wolfberry, red dates, dried longan), ginger, water. Ratio of bones to water used is very high at 80%.

Available in two types: 2x500ml spout packs or 2x400ml cube packs.
The cube pack makes it easy to remove by portions to either cook for your little ones or for your loved ones.

Comes frozen and can be kept up to 3 months in the freezer. Great as a soup or steamboat base. If you are very sensitive to "fishiness", we recommend that you add your own flavours to enhance the flavour of the soup as no flavour enhancers have been added to this broth. 

This bone broth was cooked for hours to extract all the collagen and nutrients from fish bones. Also known as "liquid gold" due to its health and immune system boosting benefits. Read more about the benefits of bone broth here. 




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Customer Reviews

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Clear fish broth

Ordered the 400ml cubes for easy portioning, but received 2 big packs instead and I don’t have freezer space for it. Otherwise, the clear broth stock is convenient and nice◡̈

Safira .
Added one full bag to Laksa Selegie

Received two bags as per order, and still frozen solid. Used one bag in the Laksa Selegie we made for Raya, and was perfect. There is a layer of fat at the top of the stock which is great, and though it's said to have red date as one of the stock ingredients, it's not detectable and didn't affect the final flavour of the laksa. Really good, I'd buy this again.

Amutha Kenny
Good service

Excellent service and excellent choices of seafood!

Good stuff

However, for a more familiar, lighter soup, I diluted the broth and added ginger, rice wine and fish sauce. It is concentrated and pure fish otherwise.

Leong Kie
Fish Collagens

Excellent Service. Service persons took are
Message very well. We are absolutely happy
With service. Well done