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Fillet Bundle

Fillet Bundle

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This is a bundle of fillets. If you like fillets, Dishthefish is definitely here to help you with it! You may expect a selection of fillets ranging from snappers, groupers, threadfin, salmon, grunt and many others! Trust us to provide only fillets that are good for health. We will also indicate what fishes these fillets came from.

The fillets will be cut in an assortment of styles (styles 1, 2, 3 and 6) to allow for different cooking methods.

Bone Disclaimer for fillets: Please watch out for bones and exercise caution when feeding children. 

** By selecting this option, you are giving Dishthefish the full autonomy to choose the best option for you. 





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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Val Soh
Not fresh

I received a mix of Batang, Black cod and Snapper. The bloodlines of the cod and batang were diffused and brown ( meaning not fresh). The fishy smell was strong too. Will not order again

Elaine Chen
Small Bag

2 Salmon fillets, a few pieces of batang and golden snapper for $98. Not sure if it’s value for money. Fish is fresh.

Susie Pua
Cod fish not included

I was quite upset that cod fish was not included in the fillet pack as shown in your file pic.