This is a Growing Child Bag. Children need to have a holistic diet with sufficient omega-3, protein and nutrients to ensure that they grow up healthy and well. We strongly encourage children to be fed a variety of seafood (both chilled and frozen) to ensure that they get as wide a spectrum of benefits as possible. 

Not only will we choose the best and most relevant seafood for your precious little ones, we will cut them into child-friendly portions. These small portions are vacuumed packed with about 4-6 cubes with spaces in between to ensure that you can remove the cubes as needed when cooking. 

An estimation of the amount of fishes - $98 child pack will allow around 2 weeks of consumption for any child who is around 12 months old (feeding the child fish twice to thrice daily).

Bone Disclaimer: Every care has been taken to remove bones but some may remain. Please exercise caution when feeding your child.

** By selecting this option, you are giving Dishthefish the full autonomy to choose the best option for you. Please only choose this bag if you are open and flexible with regards to the options, quantity and price of fishes chosen. If you have very specific requirements, please head to https://www.dishthefish.com.sg/collections/child-cuts to choose your fish.


Customer Reviews

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Very convenient - various type of fish with small pieces each. I enjoyed the taste too.


not bad

Perfect for children

For a person who knows nothing about fish, this bag is great. They do pack fish that is nutritional to kids. ( I verified with other people and they agreed it was perfect for kids). All sealed pack in appropriate sizes, deboned and fresh. I also like the different sizes of bag so I can choose when I need more or less. Deliveries are always on time. Recommend for busy parents who just don't have the time to go to the market to purchase and prep.

Emailing to them gets you fast response and very personalised replies. I emailed them to ask when I have no idea how to eat or cook the items. Sometimes the bag contains really special stuff that I don't usually see. This is quite nice as it expands our menu.

The only feedback I would give is that giving us some recipes or ideas on how to cook for the fish given would really increase their wow factor.

My 11.5mo love the fish selections!

This is my 3rd purchase of growing child bag. My LO love the selection of fishes and the portion(medium) could last her for 2 weeks (2meals a day). I love how the fish scales are nicely removed too:)

Will buy again

Delivery was prompt. Email updates were on point. Fish for kids was cut, prepared, and packed nicely in small manageable portions and pack. Only complaint is that the fish arrived slightly in the thaw/soft state. Would hope to improve on the cold chain logistics.
Will order again