From Ishimonaki in Miyagi, Japan. Comes individually quick frozen in 10 pieces per bag. Sashimi-grade. L size (14cm+) 80-120g per piece with shell-on. 

In the waters around Kinkasan Island in Ishinomaki, a cold current collides with a warm current at a point where nutrient-rich water from the mountain forest flows, creating an ideal environment for plankton to thrive and marine life to diversify. Ishinomaki has a very low population and is largely free from industrial factories and other sources of pollution, making these oysters safe to consume raw. Find out more here

These oysters were blast frozen using the proton freezing processing method, ensuring that the cells of the oysters will not be damaged and taste as good as live ones. 

Serving instructions :
- Rinse and thaw the oysters under running water for approximately 3-5 mins.

- Remove the rubber band (no special oyster knives needed) and pry open the shell (refer to product video).
- Serve and enjoy.

Storage  instructions :
- (Frozen) Miyagi Oysters can be stored for up to 3 months.
- (Thawed - Sashimi) To be consumed immediately within 1 hour.
(Thawed - Cooking) To be consumed within the same day.

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Taste like those from top Jap restaurants