Wild-caught, sustainable and frozen upon catch in Australia. Otherwise known as Patagonian Toothfish but best known in Singapore as Snow Cod.

Comes frozen in individually-vacuumed packs. Each steak/ fillet is about 200-300g in weight. Bones will be returned back to you.

For more information about sustainability, please refer to the MSC certificates.

Local Mandarin Name: 鳕鱼

Recipe available on: http://themeatmen.sg/steamed-cod-fish-with-fried-garlic-and-ginger/


Customer Reviews

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GH Sim
Wild Caught Cod fish

Very fresh wild caught Cod fish (chilean sea bass)

Jerlene Ow
Cod fish 2.5kg

Each piece came vacuum sealed which is very ideal. It will be good to indicate an estimate of the number of pieces to expect for a 2.5kg and 3.5kg fish. Was expecting to get all the fish bones, including the head but only got the fish body bones.

Elsie Ong
Nice n fresh

Eat three pieces, super good children like them

Theng Wai Foong

It will be good if you can indicate how many pieces of cod we are expecting in the receipt during delivery so that it is accountable.

Delivery to frozen fish would ideally be in a cooler bag until door steps. It was in just a plastic bag at door step and some of the fish is no longer completely frozen.