Wild caught in Indonesia. Prawn paste made from approximately 500g of fresh whole sea white prawns, yielding about 200g of paste. Prawn shells will be returned to you as well. No additives or preservatives added. 

Learn more about our wild cuaght prawns here.

Customer Reviews

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Fresh and convenient to use

Prawn paste is fresh and well-prepared. I have shaped it into balls and add into soup. Yum~

Fresh and yummy

the paste is fresh, love the texture when is roll into prawn ball, good for hotpot too as it hold it shape.

Yi Yong Lee
Not well cleaned and not very fresh

I loved the ang kar prawns I bought from dishthefish previously so wanted to try this paste out to make prawn balls. However the paste did not taste fresh (strong fishy smell and taste), and the innards were not cleaned, so it was mixed into the paste. The “paste” was actually also just roughly chopped up pieces of prawn, which was ok with me since I didn’t want a fine paste, but something to note if you want something finely minced. Will not buy this again but will buy prawns to make my own prawn balls instead.