Wild caught in Indonesia. Fish paste made from an approximately 1kg spotted mackerel fish (approx 400-600g of paste). The fish meat Is scraped off from the fish bones and skin, followed by some pounding. No additives or preservatives added. No Salt and MSG is added. Please add your own condiment to taste. 

We recommend that you use the fish paste as fillings for yong tau foo or for fishcakes if you are not yet familiar with making fishballs at home. 

Common Name: Indo-Pacific King Mackerel, Spotted Spanish Mackerel
Mandarin Name: 马鲛鱼 (Mǎ jiāo yú), 斑点马鲛 (Bāndiǎn mǎ jiāo)
Local Malay Name: Ikan Tenggiri Papan, Tenggiri Bunga
Local Hokkien: Beh Ka


Customer Reviews

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Uncle Ben
Yong Tau Foo - Home Made!!!

I love the fish meat was 100% fish, no salt, no MSG. Used it to make yong tau foo.

The best part is that the fish head and bones was packaged separately.

So yummy and easy to cook

Sylvia Tyng

Nearly throw it, piss off

Mei Shan Koh
Mackerel Fish Paste

The meat was nicely pounded. Unfortunately when i saw the fish head and bones, I see that the fish eyes were red and the fish was probably not that fresh. It explained the strong fishy smell.

Yulia Hartono
Fish paste

I haven't consumed the product yet, but was happy to find pure fish paste for sale. And also the fish head included in the package was a nice surprise.

Juliana Wong

Very fresh fish. Bone made sweet soup. Definitely will buy again