If you're not a fan of turkey, you don't have to force yourself to have them just because it's Christmas! Embrace the fact that it's not gonna snow in Singapore, that a whole Turkey may be too big for your family and guests, and appreciate that some of the traditional Christmas dishes are a bit too foreign for your palate. Here's our list of Christmas dish ideas that may be more palatable and manageable (without having to eat leftovers for days after Christmas Day). 

 1. Baked salmon in foil

Sockeye salmon for christmas

Photo credits: Well plated by Erin

This is an extremely easy dish to whip up, difficult to go wrong, and fancy looking enough to be the table's centrepiece! Check out the recipe here and get your wild sockeye salmon slab from here!

2. Clams with spaghetti 

clams pasta

Yet another easy dish that is presentable, easy to put together and guaranteed to be popular. Check out the recipe here (we've tried it, it's really yummy). Get your clams from here. Best thing about frozen clams is that they come already cleaned and are quick to thaw, reducing prep time tremendously. 

3. Broiled/ Grilled Hamachi Collar

hamachi collar

Photo credits: Madeleine Hill/ Andrew Zimmern

Hamachi collars are still getting discovered by households in Singapore but those who've discovered it swear by it and always have a pack or two in their freezer. Collars of big fishes are wonderfully oily, soft, and easy to eat. Get the recipe here and get the hamachi collars here!

4. Curry Sting Ray

Curry Sting ray

Photo credits: Lingfang

What's a party in Singapore without curry? Sting ray is a fish that goes very well with curry due to its flaky yet chewy texture. Get this stingray curry freshly cooked to order at our shop at West Coast Plaza or get your stingray here!

5. Shrimp on the barbie 

grilled tiger prawn

Photo credits: Abigail

Take a leaf out of the Aussies' book, they've made grilling prawns a Christmas tradition! Yes, why not take your Christmas meal al fresco if the weather is good? These big tiger prawns are not sold on our website and can only be found at our retail outlets (contact us if you'd like to reserve them). If you're not a fan of giant prawns, you can get some medium sized prawns to grill too.

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Fish is fresh

The fish is fresh but maybe a bit too small when chopped into steak cuts.

Really sweet scallops

Sweet and succulent. My toddler tried them for the first time and devoured them down

The Rockfish was tough to eat when fried

All is good

Except that the fillets are packed into one bag only instead of individual packs which proves to be troublesome as we can’t finish 2 fillets at the same time. Other than this the fish looks fresh and I’m looking forward to have a hearty meal

Fresh and delicious

The cod steak is fresh and delicious. I have bought several times.