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Sustainable Gindara Sablefish/ Black Cod Fillet

Native to British Columbia, 

Sustainable Gindara Sablefish/ Black Cod Fillet

are raised in a 300 foot deep fjord on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Fed a diet free of antibiotics, chemicals, and other additives and reared in a low-density system, the Gindara sablefish comply with the highest sustainability standards. 

Comes fresh chilled and direct air flown. You will get the head and bones along with the portion cuts when you buy the whole fish.

Comes degutted and descaled, approximate weight indicated is before processing.

Bone Disclaimer for fillets: Every care has been taken to remove bones but some may remain. Please exercise caution when feeding children.  

Read more about Gindara sablefish here.

Customer Reviews

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J Hashir
My fav

Fresh and flaky! A repeat order ☺️

Bernice Leong
Smelled too Fishy and Scaly

The fish was packaged in an insulated cold bag which was loosely taped up and shoved in inside a plastic bag which smelled so fishy, I had to throw out the packaging out immediately. After removing the fish from the package, I realised the fillets still had scales on them. I do expect fillets to be descaled for easy preparation. My recipe requires the fish to be marinated for 3 days so I cannot comment on the quality of the fish but given the smell - I am not optimistic about the taste.

Edwin Ang
Fresh unscaled fish

Fresh and sweet fish. Problem is that you need to descale the entire skin yourself. Not worth the trouble.

Beware of bones

The black cod fillet was full of bones which is not what I expected. The texture is good but dealing with the bones was an experience which detracted from the enjoyment of the miso cod.

Susan Goh

Family favourite. Just steam it with soy sauce and lots of fried garlic and spring onions n coriander and it’s yummy