** Please kindly note that the current batch of Wild King Salmon is Wild Amber King Salmon.  

The Wild Amber King Salmon (only 5% of Wild King Salmon), also known as Ivory King Salmon, is a rare and unique variety of salmon. Its distinct color comes from a natural mutation that reduces the pigment in its flesh, resulting in a pale, ivory or amber hue. Some people prefer its milder flavor and delicate texture compared to traditional pink or red salmon varieties. The rarity and uniqueness contribute to its appeal.

Sustainably wild-caught from British Columbia, Canada. King salmon, also known as Chinook Salmon, is the most prized wild salmon breed and for good reason. Read more about the king salmon here.

Comes frozen as the king salmon season has ended. 

Please note that wild Pacific salmon has a stronger taste and smell than the common farmed Atlantic salmon that you may be used to.

Bone Disclaimer: While care has been taken to remove bones, some may remain. Please exercise caution when feeding your child. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Lionel Lee
Great quality, not much fat in this cut

The fillets I received were great; but quite dry after cooking because of the low fat content in the specific ones

Andrea Monni
Great service and food - highly recommended!

Great service and food - highly recommended!

Helen Ooi
Flacky texture

fish texture is flaky

Is it wild caught? Dull colour meat.

Got my salmon in vacuum packed 2 pcs. The colour not "fresh" as expected, dull looking. Taste is rather much plain if this the original flavour of wild caught. Not much fat which is good sign vs farm raised salmon.

Jason Butenschoen
Fresh King not as good as Frozen Sockeye Salmon

King salmon was red before steam cooking, however lost almost all color becoming very light pink, unlike the Sockeye salmon I ordered that remains red after cooking. Sockeye is frozen, so Maybe less chance of oxidation. I think I’ll stick to frozen Sockeye.