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Sustainably wild-caught from British Columbia, Canada. King salmon, also known as Chinook Salmon, is the most prized wild salmon breed and for good reason. Its flesh is rich and flavourful, and has a great texture and mouthfeel. Read more about the king salmon here.

Comes frozen in two pieces of 200-300g individually-vacuum packed fillets. We try our best to de-scale these fillets before delivery but as these fillets are frozen at sea with scale on, we may not be able to fully remove all scales.

Bone Disclaimer: While care has been taken to remove bones, some may remain. Please exercise caution when feeding your child. 


Customer Reviews

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Good and competitive service

my son loves the taste of this ocean wild salmon..i would love to order in future since I do not mind to pay for the convenience with good service.

Didn’t realize it’s not descaled

The salmon fillets were received frozen and packed, which was great. However, after decorating, I realize it’s not descaled! It’ll be great if you could have stated it wasn’t descaled, or perhaps offered a service to descale it for customers.
The taste of the salmon was stronger than the farmer ones, not to my liking (maybe personal preferences), but my kids ate them up. I found the texture to be harder than the fresh farmed ones I got from the market as well, not sure if it’s because it was frozen or was it the type of salmon.

Nice tasting salmon

Tastes of the ocean, not muddy.

All is good

Except that the fillets are packed into one bag only instead of individual packs which proves to be troublesome as we can’t finish 2 fillets at the same time. Other than this the fish looks fresh and I’m looking forward to have a hearty meal

Tasty and fresh

Would definitely order this again! Very different from store bought salmon and one of the family favorites.