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Wild caught in Balai, Indonesia. You will get the head and bones along with the portion cuts when you buy the whole fish.  Comes degutted and descaled, approximate weight indicated is before processing.

Mandarin Name: 午鱼 

Local Malay Name: Ikan Kurau
Local Hokkien: Ngor He

Read more about this fish here: https://www.dishthefish.com.sg/blogs/dishthefish/wild-balai-indian-threadfin

Bone Disclaimer for fillets: Every care has been taken to remove bones but some may remain. Please exercise caution when feeding children. 

Customer Reviews

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Morrie Koh
Golden Ngor He

It is absolutely Delicious! My grand daughter loves it. Arrived well packed. This kind of golden golden NGOR HE is very hard to come. Very tasty no fishy well.
Will purchase again. 6 stars rating!

Fresh fish

Fish is fresh n nicely packed but unfortunately I found bones in 2 of the slices that I opened so far… n it was worrying as I bought this for my toddler.

Brandon Lee
Easy and fast! Fish is well packaged and fresh

Highly recon. Ended! I cooked for my family :) seasoned with ginger, miso, garlic and just steamed it and had it with soba!

Ikan Kurau

Fillets are cleaned and they are fresh and nicely packed individually - GOOD!
Request for head to be chopped but apparently they they cut into half. Anyway it is still OK.

Chui Li Foo
Fresh Threadfin

Threadfin is very fresh and nicely packed.