Prawnilicious! We have a wide selection of prawns and prawn-based products from all over the world. From sweet Spot prawns air-flown from Canada, to juicy wild Tiger prawns from Sabah, we have them all. Try them in various cooking styles from grilling to stir-frying!
Dish The Fish A Great Fish Makes The Dish 渔民 Sabah Malaysia Antioxidant Antiageing detoxification appetizing no chemical addictives natural organic fresh seafood online delivery white prawns red shell prawns wild caught net line online delivery market 小白虾 沙巴 马来西亚 野生 手工 paste ball steamboat fry grill bake bouncy juicy cuttlefish paste ceh mak 鱿鱼 浆 Jumbo Tiger Prawns 九褶虾 Sold out