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From Effingham, Vancouver, Canada. Comes live, fresh chilled in 6 or 12 pieces per bag. Sashimi-grade. Small size (3-4inches) per piece with shell- on.

Species: a Crassostrea gigas or Pacific Oyster.

Effingham Oysters are sweet and salty with a buttery finish. The flavour changes depending on the time of year, depth and available plankton in the water column.

Oysters come whole and not shucked.

Serving instructions :
- Rinse and thaw the oysters under running water for approximately 3-5 mins.

- Shuck, serve and enjoy.

Storage  instructions :
- (Fresh before shucking) Effingham Oysters can be stored for up to 7days in the chiller.
- (Shucked - Sashimi) To be consumed immediately within 3 hours.
(Shucked - Cooking) To be consumed within the same day.


Customer Reviews

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Grace Lim
Wish it is plumper!

Because we also bought the Extra Large Miyagi Sashimi - Grade Oysters, so this Live Effingham Sashimi-Grade Oysters became pale in comparison. Nonetheless, it is fresh and good value.

Thank you for your review! We hope you enjoy the oysters regardless.

Very nice Canadian Oysters

Small but really nice! It's quite difficult to shuck, but it was well worth it....

Great review! We're so happy to hear that our Canadian Oysters were enjoyed! Thank you for taking the time to write this.